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always free shipping to nearest parcelshop within Denmark. Delivery within 1-3 worksdays,.

Delivery within 1-3 worksdays,.

A little treat for christmas

Get our signature blouse, limited edition. Available from october 20 th. Of course with free shipping.

The store opens february 2024

But we do have a little limited christmas treat from october 20th.


quality-proven, unique clothing with our gold in focus, created for children who love to climb trees, swing high and generally play without feeling restricted in their movement.

We always aim for the clothes to look like something that has just been spun, menaning home-knitted, furthermore, all our beautiful embroideries are hand-embroidered, to get the absolutely perfect and trustworthy look.

We create fun, authentic clothes wrapped in a little adventure of color and magic.

With us, we put quality and consideration for the environment first and all our textiles are therefore carefully selected and organic materials. labeled and responsibly transported.

Hanevild Hanevild blouse, olive Blouses Bronze green

1,2,3 little chickens

how many do you need?

materials that speaks to children

We have carefully selected our textiles with a focus on the ecology and durability of our products and thereby ensured that the clothes can be used by several members of the family without being completely worn out.

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